About Lisa THEE' Oracle Hightower

Lisa Hightower also know as "Lisa THEE' Oracle Hightower" is a singer, songwriter, music mystic, top performer and newly acclaimed music producer based in Arizona and hales from Ohio. She has made her mark with her captivating, high-energy performances. She blends vocal velocity, musicianship, creativity and inspiration in every performance that transport audiences into a place where time is no more~ This is an artist that knows how to write good music & entertain a crowd. Audience members have described her show as “uplifting entertainment with excellent musicianship,” “heart beat music with conscious lyrics that make people of all ages sing the songs,” “high energy with a feel-good vibe,” and “relevant to the culture”. It’s not unusual for the unusual to happen at Hightower's flowing and free-spirited performances—you never know when she'll bust out an "in the moment song", personalized for a fan or demand the band to drop a funky beat with her lyrical overtones and just create a vibe in the room. THEE' Oracle draws her inspiration from a multitude of genres and musical history, like jazz, blues, r & b, soul and largely influenced by her Gospel roots. One of her greatest inspirations, who also got her start as a gospel musician is Mz. Nina Simone, "I love the WAY she did Music and the WHY, she was both fearless & impactful....this is my goal & intention as well, says Hightower" Lisa is wrapping up her album Inoculation: Love & FREE-Dome Songs, her single FREE-Indeed from the album will drop this summer...be sure to indulge, it is rich! To inquirer about booking or general lisatheeoraclehightower.com info@lisatheeoraclehightower.com


INspirational Soul


Solo artists that love the feeling of a good band wrapped around her and her music.


Nina Simone, Hawkins Family, Gospel, Jazz , Neo Soul....


delish food. soulful connections. good vibes.







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