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McAlister Drive show in Bill's Bar
Band Name: McAlister Drive
Genre: Indie/Rock
Hometown: Boston, MA
Sold-out Shows: 3 (+1 coming!)
Fans on Mobile Club: 15
Tickets Sold On Mobile: 10
Keyword: Text GetMD to GetME (43863)

"...MD is looking for the next thing to streamline their hard work and get back to just focusing on the music. Adva Mobile has offered just that in their new Mobile Fan Club service"

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Adva MobileThere's only one reason for this eNewsletter.... to help you sell more songs, tickets, and gigs to more fans so you can focus on making music.

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3 Ways to Nab New Fans From the Stage
Raving Fans
Playing live means there are always people in the audience who could become fans. Don't let them go home without asking them to join your fan club so you can tell them about your next gig and sell them your music!

Here are three ways you can nab new fans from the stage by using their mobile phones...
Expert Insight: Going Mobile - The Future Of Marketing For Musicians
Going Mobile - The Future Of Marketing For Musicians
How can you be effective and proactive in your music promotion to your fans? Get very close to them...on their mobile phones.

Two thought leaders in music promotion and mobile marketing Two thought leaders in music promotion and mobile marketing Ariel Hyatt and Helen Keegan share their insight. 

"...Using mobile phones is now integral to our lives. Artists should be thinking about who their audience is and how to build it - whatever ways are relevant. And that has to include mobile today."
How to Sell More Tickets Without an Expensive Service Ripping Off Your Fans
Band on Stage
"Convenience" charges and "service" charges aren't convenient for your fans and the service isn't any good! Sell your tickets your way by allowing fans to buy seats to your shows directly from you using their mobile phones and your own adva mobile web site.
Sell tickets between now and April 30th to take advantage of our promotion and make extra $!
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