Elite Campaign Recordz is a innovative and epic record label. managed by solo artist and president King X. I produce and market quality king-hop music which is a new brand of hip-hop. Elite Campaign Recordz values your success, self-empowerment, happiness, pride, queen ship and kingship. It's not just about music you can enjoy and fill, therefore, king-hop encompasses regular rap. King-Hop is based on real ideals, symbolizes, and metaphors. For example, those who survive to obtain superior status or positions are striving to be kingly or queenly. Woman eminent in power and attractions, and men who take on the personality of a king , being chief among competitors. Woman who have splendid qualities of a queen are queens. I believe in the above stated values which come along with these attributes. King-Hop is a socialized movement to empower us to prevail from impoverished conditions, low self-esteem, and lost family values. For wives to recognize husbands as kings and men to see wives as queens, and build a succession of power and wealth for your kids kids( princesses & princes). Build a dynasty and kingdom. However, king-hop music also describes the struggle or dark side of the kings and queens who are and are to become, but still having fun with the music. Also king- hop is another way to look at being the best you can be and the success of it all . Also, the struggle and pain of reaching your thrown and crown. I aim to become national recognized and give the north west its recognition by signing north west acts and others. Other goals are moderate growth, annual profitability, and enriched fans. Affordable studio time will be available in 2013 for striving artist on a budget. Staying jazzy, consistent, and original are a few primary needs for the company, but public jubilation and satisfaction is the first. Giving fans not just rap music, but a new way to in-vision their highest pinnacle. Wile still producing status qou rap music for the market. Lastly, Elite Campaign Recordz is environmentally sensitive with CD packaging. We use Eco-friendly green packaging that's 100% green forestry practices certified board

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